Version 0.2 uploaded, added screenshots (still missing title image though)

Changelog (straight from the game)

-Redesigned the door event
-Added NPCs to the mansion. They're still just placeholder events without any actions, but they're there.
-Implemented a simple score system. You know, for bragging rights.
-Took some recurring events and made them into common events. Hopefully it won't lag too much, as now it is far easier to manage.
-Added some bug reporting features to the introduction (which is still lacking). It will catch if starting party is set to something else than intended, so you can tell me to fix it (if I somehow allow such a bug to reach the interwebs)
-Added selection of difficulty (planned, but not implemented)

TODO for future versions

-Planning on theme'ing the floors with different kinds of riddles and/or puzzles. Floor 1 would be as it currently is, with 'What am I' style riddles. I'm planning on adding logical / numeric puzzles as well. Might as well add more classical puzzles (like pushing boxes / stones over switches to open doors)
-Planning on adding kind of intelligence to NPCs, meaning they will actually try to solve the puzzles themselves. People who won't manage to escape floors before timer reaches zero will drop dead, literally (they won't appear on future floors)
-Implementing difficulty. Difficulty is supposed to determine the amount of attempts you may take on any riddle before the riddle is changed into another one. If player somehow uses up all riddles in this way, he will meet a game over.

And that's it for version 0.2. Here's hoping to uploading next version tomorrow!


Version 0.1 (Oct 21 2017) 79 MB
Oct 21, 2017
Version 0.2 (Oct 22 2017) 79 MB
Oct 22, 2017

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