Version 0.3 uploaded, now page has a custom theme and a cover image

Changelog from v0.2:

-Redesigned and reordered most of the common events. I think I have a good framework set up for now, so probably no need to tinker with any more CEs. (Currently at 60)
-Difficulty now actually effects the amount of tries you have for each riddle
-Decided for each floor to have three sections with a common timer. Only after passing all three can you move to the next floor. If NPCs gain intelligence to solve riddles (this is still on the TODO list), you still have to surpass them as the last person in any room will die as per game rules.
-Started thinking about 2nd floor riddles. I think they will be logical riddles or puzzles.
-You can actually reach the credits now and see your game score. Solving three riddles on the first floor will allow you to progress to the next floor. These following floors are still empty and won't have any riddles right now, so you can pass the rooms by just using the doors. When you reach the exit on the fifth floor, you will be taken to the credits screen.
-Tutorial for basic RPG Maker actions (movement, interacting with objects etc) is included ingame! Although you can skip it if you wish.

Planned for future versions:

-Allow the player to collect items from the mansion. They could be used to solve riddles instead of guessing.
-Floor 2 riddles
-Floor 3 riddles
-Floor 4 riddles
-Floor 5 riddles
-Movement and action for NPCs. They should try solving the riddles themselves, or move and help or interrupt the player. It is a competition out there, after all!
-Password / Cheat system to start on a different floor, because if you are bad at some sort of riddles / puzzles, you may miss some the game has to offer.
-The 'Last person to stay in room will die' mechanic (important only after giving AI to the NPCs)
-Remaking the first floor

Hopefully I can keep up with this 'one update each day' timer. The game is still in early stages, but looking back on what has been made in just three days, I have high hopes I can finish the game properly for the competition. There's still, what, some twelve days left?


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Oct 23, 2017

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