Version 0.4 uploaded, introduction semi complete

Introduction is somewhat implemented now! Also, if I had forgotten to mention it beforehand, the game now also has an ingame tutorial!

Changes in version 0.4:

-Started working on the introduction (finally), still need to complete the party part though.
-Turned off the NPCs in the mansion for the time being. The concept will change in future versions: You must explore the mansion and find a way to escape before the time limit has passed. Entrance into different sections of the mansion will be blocked by riddles and puzzles, and you might require to pick up some items to progress, as well.
-Started working on an alternate layout for the mansion (not yet implemented in this release). It will probably be enabled in version 0.5 or 0.6.
-Downloaded and implemented Shaz's More Escape Codes plugin. I would have liked to avoid using any external plugins at all (it is contradicting with my self-imposed challenge for the contest) but the fact remains this plugin removes much of the clutter in events with multiple avatars and their faces.
-I might (heavy emphasis on that word) eventually update the game visuals using Yanfly's Grid-free Doodads plugin (probably the best plugin out there, that guy's a real wizard). However, functionality comes first. After the game plays out the way I want I'll concentrate on upgrading the visuals. (This doesn't sadly mean custom assets, as I'm not much of an artist)

Planned for future versions:
-Allow the PC to collect items from the mansion. They might be used in various puzzles.
-Redesigning the whole mansion from the get-go. This process has already begun behind the scenes.
-Updating the introduction with a proper Halloween party, as per game name. I have an idea or few for the 'Deadly' part of the name as well, but I'll keep you guessing for now :)
-Actual names for characters now that the introduction mentions them, in an awkward manner. No more Male 7! (Not sure if names will consist of just first given name with no surnames, but we'll see)


Version 0.4 (Oct 24 2017) 91 MB
Oct 24, 2017

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