Version 1.03 out! This will hopefully be the final IGMC version.

 Future updates will be done on a subpage project to avoid confusion.


V0.1 (October 21)
  • Initial version
  • The riddles are set up in a basic form
V0.2 (October 22)
  • Redesigned the Door event.
  • Added NPCs to floor. They're still placeholder events and will not act in any way, but they're there.
  • Implemented a simple score system. You know, for bragging rights.
  • Moved the parallel timer event to common events (as it is running same way every time the timer is activated). For this reason I added a switch 'Timer Running' which will be se ON / OFF when the timer is changed.
  • Added some bug reporting features to the introduction event. Hopefully players will never run into these though (they're for misaligned starting parties mainly)
  • Took some recurring events from the map and made them common events. Hopefully this won't cause the game to lag too much, as it is far easier to control now.
V0.3 (October 23)
  • Redesigned and reordered most of the common events. I think I now have a pretty good framework set up, so there's probably no need to add any more.
  • Difficulty now actually has an effect on the amount of tries you have for each riddle.
  • Decided for each floor to have three sections with a common timer. Only after passing all three can you move to the next floor. If NPCs gain intelligence to solve riddles, you still have to be quicker than them as the last person in the room will die.
  • Started planning Floor 2 riddles. They will be logical multianswer riddles.
  • Created placeholders for all five floors of the mansion. These will be redesigned eventually.
  • You can actually reach the credits now, by either completing three riddles on Floor 1 or running out of time. Running out of riddles provides a standard game over and you won't get to see the ending nor your score. Floors 2 to 5 won't have any riddles right now, so you can just walk through the doors like normal. After leaving the fifth floor you will be taken to the credits screen.
  • Tutorial for basic RPG Maker actions is included ingame! Although you can skip it if you wish.
V0.4 (October 24)
  • Started working on the introduction (finally!), still need to complete the actual Halloween party section though.
  • Turned off the NPCs in the mansion for the time being, as I fear I won't have the time to develop the kind of AI I wanted. Instead, the concept has been changed: You must explore the mansion and find a way to escape before the time limit has passed. This exploration will happen in a future version of the game, and the gameplay has shifted more towards something like Shadowgate.
  • Started to work on an alternate layout for the mansion. It will probably be enabled in version 0.5.
  • Downloaded and implemented Shaz's More Escape Codes plugin. I would have liked to avoid using any external plugins at all (it is contradicting with my RTP-only self-imposed challenge) but it is such a lifesaver with multiple avatar choices and their faces.
  • I might (heavy emphasis on that word) eventually update the game visuals using Yanfly's Grid-free Doodads (probably the best plugin out there, period). However, functionality before aesthetics. After the game plays out the way I imagine, I'll concentrate on the visuals.
V0.5 (October 26)
  • Decided to finally scrap the old idea and call it LEGACY mode. It is included in the game, also good for testing out the puzzles, but it won't be updated much anymore. The other mode is the exploration I have been talking about, and will be the main focus from now on.
  • Logical puzzles! More will be added. They are accessed on the second floor of the LEGACY mode. They will, of course, be added to the exploration mode as well. Implementing these can take quite long, so they will update rather slowly.
  • Because LEGACY mode will not be updated regularly anymore, I disabled the floors 3, 4 and 5 there since there is no reason for them.
  • Designed a simple name generator for the avatars. No more Mr. Male 6 nor Mrs. Female 8! Still looking for some more female names, though. Tell me if you wish to add a name input option, as well.
  • Added a simple progress indicator for character name generation, in case it stalls somewhat. It still runs about instantly on my computer, so you probably will never notice this.
  • Fixed a few errors in the tutorials and the introduction. Note that you can now read the letter ingame by using the key item 'The Game Master's Letter'.
  • Downloaded and implemented a bunch of new plugins:
    • SumRndmDde's Super Tools Engine. The main reason being that I can resize and replace any windows in game wherever I want, whenever I want.
    • Yanfly's Main Menu Manager. Decided to allow the player to use the menu at all times after all. This also includes saving. The game will autosave at certain points, but you can manually save whenever you wish.
    • Yanfly's Save Core. Since manual saving is allowed from now on, I thought of buffing up the visual in that somewhat. You are allowed a total of four saves. Be aware that the game autosaves to slot 1 at certain points, so keep a backup in other slots!
    • Yanfly's Mini Event Labels plugin. Used mainly in the character selection event, so you can see the names of the characters even before trying to select one.
    • Yanfly's Grid-free Doodads. Decided to plug this in after all, although it probably means more work for exporting (cannot use 'Exclude unused files' option any longer).
    • Yanfly's Map Select Skill. This is kind of an hack around the basic system, but I'd like to solve the puzzles with specific items. The basic item menu is not really functional in my case, so I'll make all items 'spells' the PC can use. They can be easily added or removed with events, anyway.
  • New mansion layout well underway! For now, it allows free exploration, but some places might lead to a void, so venture at your own risk! The riddles and puzzles will be implemented in future versions.
  • Mapping is hard! But luckily, I had the help of Punamaagi (who is a very important person to me). Next version should have the final layout of the mansion in the exploration mode. After that, it's only putting the decorations and puzzles to place and the game should head towards testing phase.
  • More common events! These never end. Luckily, they're pretty efficient and easy to handle when planned thoroughly (which mine probably aren't, haha).

V1.0 (October 31)

  • Game completed! Finally! But by completion it doesn't mean it's final. Games are ever evolving things, and such is the case with this game as well. Even after the IGMC17 passes, I will probably update this project from time to time.

    V1.01 (October 31)

  • Forgot to include a few sound effect files, causing errors in the 2F Study if you fail to guess the password three times. This has been fixed.
V1.02 (November 1)
  • Basement button puzzle was incorrectly referencing button Y as Z. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Fixed a few illogical object placements. I mean, the Game Master may be wicked, but I'm sure he wouldn't place a bookshelf in front of a lamp in the library! Also, the second guestroom seemed to be haunted as you could walk through many objects there. This has been fixed, sadly.
  • Fixed a few errors in LEGACY mode puzzles, where geese would suddenly become goats. I'm sure you would have wanted to see that happen in real life, though. (Please don't say you were serious.)
  • Added another possible victory condition for LEGACY mode puzzle #3.
  • Decorated a bit of LEGACY mode rooms, to avoid getting the feeling you transfer into the same map every time (even though you won't). LEGACY is mainly for some extra fun, so I won't make too much effort in that.

V1.03 (November 5) (FINAL IGMC17 VERSION)

  • Fixed autosave not working properly. Now autosave is done when changing rooms, after a certain amount of time has passed since last autosave.
  • Changed study computer functions a bit. You can now get a map of the mansion from it, but at the cost of losing the ability to enter the locked guestroom on the second floor. Choices, choices!
  • Changed computer room unlock options to reflect actual rooms in the mansion.
  • Added some decorations to a few rooms.
  • Changed the treasure in the eastern basement (the one with the letter puzzle) a bit.
  • I was unsure whether to credit KADOKAWA or Enterbrain for graphics / audio, so I decided to credit both.
  • Changed the SFX for flushing the toilet to something that better reflects the action.
  • Added a 'fin.' text to ending screen (Thanks to Punamaagi for creating one for me).
  • Added additional death for letter puzzle in the basement. It's up to you to find it, though.
  • Disabled HARD mode since it wasn't working as intended. Game features NORMAL and EASY now, the difference being that you cannot die on EASY mode, no matter what you do. NORMAL mode grants more points, so there's that.


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